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This tool is able to evaluate URLs of your website and detects and corrects the errors in them. It features a very user-friendly GUI and works quietly in the background. Users can perform a full scan or just investigate errors in specific pages.Basic URL evaluation and correctionBesides, the application supports different URLs including their subparts. It is capable of identifying whether the URLs on your website contain errors or not.You can also add the URLs to your favorites to perform additional tasks with them in the future.The program is completely free and doesn't require any registration to work. It can work with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, as well as a number of browsers.The user-friendly and easy-to-learn interfaceVurSitemap provides a streamlined UI with a number of features that make the work with it easier. It allows you to customize a number of settings, access the website's tabs and add the URLs in the favorites.Additionally, you can open the URLs you are interested in and study them in detail.Another feature is the ability to open a website in your default web browser.Decent online manualBesides, there is a decent online manual that will help you get to know the functionality of this application better.VurSitemap is a freeware tool that provides you with a simple solution for URL validation and repairs. With this application, you will be able to improve the quality of your URLs and make sure that your web site is error-free.VurSitemap Quick Start:The easiest way to get started with this tool is to choose a preset that suits your needs and then open the URL of the page you need to check.This application is designed to work with any web browsers. It has a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to quickly handle the URLs of your website. You can choose the parameters you want to include into the URLs, as well as fix any errors.You can select the browser you want to use and then set the different options. You will also be able to enjoy the most advanced features of this tool, such as being able to open URLs in a number of different programs.VurSitemap includes a task manager that will inform you about the errors and warnings you get when using the application.VurSitemap Key Features:VurSitemap is a freeware tool that comes with a user-friendly interface and allows you to check the 08929e5ed8

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